About us

Factory of Building Elements CJ BLOK Sp.o.o. was formed on 24th January 2002.

The company’s registered office and a manufacturing plant are located in Rudna Mała near Rzeszów on a plot of land of 5,5 ha (U.S. acres – 13,5907 acres).



A production of concrete, blended concrete and LECA products is a basic business profile of the company. The company manufactures and sells construction and façade blocks, pavers, road elements, LECA blocks and chimney systems. Building materials manufactured in the Factory of Building Elements CJ BLOK are sold in a wide variety of colors and sizes. The quality of products is guaranteed by Certificate ISO 9001 awarded in 2007.

Initially, the company specialized in the production of decorative concrete elements, construction and facade blocks. However, in 2004 a group of target customers has grown, because CJ BLOK offered new items, such as concrete blocks, retaining blocks, or façade blocks. The effect of intensive activities for the extension of building materials was introducing on the Polish market the complete chimney system CJ BLOK, innovative LECA light products and grinded wall products.

The addressee of CJ BLOK product offer are both private customers, enterprises and public institutions. The company has a stable and well-developed customer database, which includes both distribution companies, commercial centers, warehouses, service and manufacturing plants, budgetary units, and private customers.

The production of decorative concrete elements and construction products is done on two technological lines. Columbia Machine Park along with accompanying devices was imported from the USA and installed in Poland in 2002. The second technological line “Rekers” with the concrete new node was installed in 2007 and is being used for the production of decorative concrete elements and road elements.

Since 2004, CJ BLOK company carries out intensive actions in the research and development of production. Thanks to the cooperation with the Technological Center at the Rzeszów University of Technology and with Czech Pavus enterprises a.s., CJ BLOK products have obtained seals approval and certificates confirming the compliance of technical parameters of products with norms being applicable in the European Union.

Aspiration to develop specific standards of production and guarantee of the highest quality of products, induced the management board to make decisions about carrying out certification of the Company Production Control and implementation of the Quality Management System ISO 9001 in 2007.